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We began as Ottawa Building & Foundation Repair, a reputable foundation repair company, that kept us busy during the warmer months, but in 2011 we decided to extend the same level of service to our commercial and residential snow removal operations. Since then, we have gradually expanded in our neighborhood and surrounding areas, making hundreds of happy clients along the way.  


The winter of 2018/19 was our first year operating under our new name...SNOWBUSTERS, our residential snow removal division. It was still the same core team as previous years, with the same great service, but even better when we opened our shop on Boyd Avenue. 


We have grown so much, that in 2020, we saw the need for a separate office for our residential operations located close by on Campbell Avenue. We don't have a call centre like other snow removal companies, all phone calls and emails are answered from the office in our shop. We have increased our number of staff and equipment to ensure we are even more equipped to serve our clients. If you have any questions about our business or experience please do not hesitate to ask.  



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